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Decision Making (App)

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Making decisions is never easy.

Dreams are made to be followed and achieved. Many successful people have been ridicule about their accomplishment.

In starting a business or starting a new path we often find ourselves at cross roads, doing what others think and trusting our own judgements.

While taking opinions from others can bring new ideas, its best to figure out what you would like to do.

Many people will tell you how to live your dreams, but it takes you believing in yourself to overcome.The video below is from andrew carnegie as he shares his wisdom on opinions.

When you are making a decision, think of the choices you had made before. Choosing a path must match with a purpose.

Think about what you would change. The decision you make would fulfill some or all of the missing links in your past experience.

Think about the mind state of each decision, which have the most rewards?

Great apps for decision making.

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