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How our coaching works!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

How does toolegit2quit work?.

Watch our informational video here : Click Here.

Toolegit2quit is a instructional website that focuses on business, personal and financial achievement for individuals.

We believe having a voice is an important thing, so we teach that way using audio training, notes, diagrams, and eBooks We offer individuals coaching, courses, bookings, and seminars session to improve achievements in business, personal or financial.

Each Course adds value. Our courses are like no other. We place in each of our course:

Life changing strategies

Only what you need to know and do-

Important Tips you need to know

New success methods and more.

A chance to personalized your learning experience with a coach.

Our courses are constructed to help you succeed.

So how do our coaching works?

1. when you book

When you book a course or book us online you get a chance to receive action tips .Action tips are unique advice to motivate & give directions on to help you achieve. When you book a coach the goal is simple: To help you achieve.

2. How to book?

There are two ways to book a coach, on our book online page or our VIP section on our course page.

When you book a coach on our VIP course page you will select the dates you want your coach to be available for. The more days you select the more effort and benefits we can enable you.

3. How do I book If I'm only receiving consultation?

Sometimes we do receive clients in person. If this happens then double check your email for additional information. However, the process is simple. Read 4.

4. How to contact coach?(Online)

You can contact coach in a couple ways

1) If you book an appointment or book online on our booking page we will contact you base on the dates and time you selected.

2) If you have VIP/ Pro+ coaching from our course page you will need to book at least one follow up within 7 days of purchase. You pay select any dates ahead in the future. This is called a follow up. To book a follow up - click here.

Thank you.

If you have any questions lets chat or Learn More

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Sep 23, 2021

Grreat read thank you

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