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About Us


Creating Opportunities For Home & Online Entrepreneurs

We're committed in helping the Home and Online entrepreneurs have a fighting chance. With the teachings of our course "Power Breakthrough," we encourage working people to become better leaders & entrepreneurs.

Currently, the firm focuses on the following services and courses on: 

Entrepreneurship, Brand Management, Web Design, and Business Consultation.

Business Blueprint

By choosing Toolegit2quit, you will learn & engage with proven business experts, who have a passion for coaching, teaching, and can take you from beginner to pro in the shortest possible amount of time.  


If you want to become an entrepreneur, world-class influencer, improve your business online, at home, or office then Toolegit2quit courses & services are the perfect place to start. 


Business Strategy, Management, HR Management, Decision Making, Sales, and Business Planning.


Social media branding, Copy Writing, Media Management, Brand Identity, and Social Media Awareness.


Web management, website creation, website analysis, and website optimization.


  • Ability to book coaching on learning materials

  • Expand knowledge with a personal coach

  • Reach and set hands-on services as needed

Bi- montly

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