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About us

How does toolegit2quit works?

Too legit 2 quit is a coaching website that focuses on business, personal and financial achievement for individuals.

We believe having a voice is an important thing, so we teach that way using audio training, vidoes,notes, diagrams, and eBooks. We offer individuals coaching, courses, bookings, and seminars session to improve achievements in business, personal or financial.

Each Course adds value. Our courses are like no other. We place in each of our course:
  • Life changing strategies
  • Only what you need to know and do
  • Important Tips
  • New success methods and more.
A chance to personalized your learning experience. Our courses are constructed to help you succeed. Learn More How does Toolegit2quit works? Each member may choose between a pricing plan or a single session fee.

What do we specialize in?

Toolegit2quit specializes in business startups and professional development.

Areas of expertise:

Business Planning

Marketing & Brand Management

Operational & Logistics

Sales & E-commerce

Leadership & Personal-development

Staff training and Career-development


What are my pricing plans?

Your pricing plans can be found under our plans and price tab. Price options range from subscription to one time payment.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time however a request must be made to our team. Simply contact us and let us know you want out of your subscription. Keep in mind some subscription may cancel on their own, and can be cancel due to non-payment.

How do I recieve a refund?

You may receive a refund within the policy you purchase.Some purchases are non refundable while others have a money back policy. To request a refund contact us. Please keep in mind your refund may or may not be considered base on your plan.


Why should I book a coach?

Our coach motivates, strategize and sympathize with you to help you Win. Book with confidence. With a coach, your understanding of learning materials is boosted instantly.

How does our coaching works?

You can read this article here

How to book a coach?

If you purchase a plan and would like to book a coach simply click here.

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How can I get professional branding?

Our professional marketing and branding partnership with brandme legit is a unique opportunity. Read more about it here.