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Power Breakthrough

Planning or growing a business can be hard, which is why we created Power Breakthrough. The name comes from an idea to create results as one begins to organize their business. We can proudly say this is a breakthrough course, not only does it help you plan your business but you have access to1 & 1 consultation in planning your business.

Gone! are the days when you have to write a 40-page business plan. Power breakthrough gives full access and interactive sections to write out your business. In turn, saving you time & money. Providing support and scaling every step of the way in creating a better business.

Introducing Pro + Save 20 - 50%

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Pro+ & Membership

✔ Skip the learning stages and get a business strategy today

✔ Outperform a traditional business and marketing plan

✔ Understand how to apply business functions that make a company successful

✔ Map your business and keep track of your growth

✔ Get your own vision and goals achieve with less hassle

✔ Be able to pinpoint your next business directions

✔ Apply Planning steps into real-life business situations

✔ Effectively gain new ways to dominate your business market

✔ Follow a step by step risk management process

✔ Apply best practices without overpaying

Risk-free zone

✔ 15 days money-back guarantee on all purchases

✔ Tested and proven growth strategy for new or existing business

✔ Privacy and confidential policy on each session

✔ Awesome customer service guaranteed!

1 & 1 coaching optional:

Ability to book coaching on business materials

Expand knowledge with a business coach

Reach and set hands-on services as needed.

Ability to use business coaching with other areas of services.