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Handy Saving Tips For Emergencies

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Having an emergency?

Sometimes an emergency can arrive out of nowhere. Without the thought of money saved up, your sure to hope to panic.

Lighten up your bank account by taking a step to grow your income

Budget your money for basic needs and use savings for important or critical needs.

Every penny counts, do not be afraid to save. Credit cards does have its benefits but don't assume you have forever to pay it.

If income is the main source of your wealth, pay more than the minimum and keep ahead of the time span it takes you to pay it off.


Destination- Have the amount you would like to save.

Review- You do not have to make a budget,instead set out the amount you spent last month to calculate where you spent the most money in total.

When the next month arrive contrast your new month spending to your last month. Check for improvements.

Did you spend more or less?.

Your Bank outlines how much you spent for the month and how much you spent on average.

If you still find yourself still unable to lower your payments, perhaps a budget will work well.

Time- Plan a goal out to have this much in this amount of time.

example: I would like 3,000 saved up by __________________.

Be realistic.

Be reasonable - Do not live too low or above your means.

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