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Tooelgit2quit A Place For Starting, learning and accelerating your business

Updated: Apr 7

If you're interested in growing or starting a business then toolegit2quit is the right startup agency for you.

Starting a business can be a demanding and time-consuming task, we understand that most small business owners want a hassle-free way to follow their passion or bring in additional income. We fixed that struggle.

Toolegit2quit is the place you can go to learn about planning, designing, and branding your business. You can choose to learn & grow at your own pace or choose to work with one of our brand, business, or web design coaches.

Our services range from Web designing, business consultation, copywriting, and branding.

You can choose to learn more about each service by clicking on the link or continue reading. Go to: Web design, Business Coaching, Branding/Copywriting.

Web Designing

What makes our web design services different?

Since our launch in 2016, we've been using the Wix platform, and it is safe to say we've basically mastered it. What makes Wix stand out is the ability to create something beautiful and functional totally from scratch.

This includes real estate, spa, coaching, online storefronts, fashion and so many more websites to match the needs a business owner may have.

So yes! Toolegit2quit designs a customizable site that you will love. As an additional, if you would like business and brand consultation along with your design, that is optional as well.

Pricing, turnaround time & myths

Creating the best website we can for your brand requires your inspiration and ideas. This means a week may not be enough. Can we design a site in a week? yes of course, however, the truth is most of our sites receive SEO features, marketing materials, etc and it takes time to match it with your brand.

Our average time is 2- 3 weeks turnaround, working on logo needs, SEO, marketing tools, and much more. We believe anyone promising you a turnaround time of a week or days is often rushing the project.

Pricing: Many people want great hosting, we found that Wix is constantly improving and adding website apps to their marketplace. Honestly, we take full advantage of this. The pricing of your hosting can be paid monthly or yearly. Hint: we work with you to cut the yearly hosting fee by 50% when you book with us and share how to lock in that price.

Our internal pricing is upfront. Depend on your needs without confiscating the need to cut quality.

How do I book / whats the work process/ warrtany?

You can see more of our web design services here.

Our process is simple, You can book us online, email us at, or chat with us in the online chat box.

Each website comes with a 3-15 days money-back guarantee.

Below you can speak freely with a designer or learn more about our web design services.

Business Consultation & Coaching


From business classes to one-on-one consultations/ coaching this is your chance to get a new perspective within your business. Starting and growing is the key.

Toolegit2quit team understands business coaching, giving you access to our number one class on planning a business: Breakthrough Course: Blueprint To Start & Grow A Business

You can learn at your own pace while planning your business. In this class we provide our own method for creating your business. Focusing on the 5 plans: Business, financial, technical, marketing, and sales.

Start your learning on our classes page. See more on our Business planning course here.


Myths About Coaching & How We Overcome Them

Myth #1- Coaching doesn't work.

For many of our clients coaching does work. It's based on the type of coaching you received. Here at Toolefit2quit, we focus on result-based coaching: we're hands-on and invested. See the section on guarantee results.

Myth #2 Coaching is expensive.

We balance the time and money together to get a reasonable price. The price is based on the scope of work you're willing to participate in. Due to our audience being small businesses, we offer free consultation.

Coaching ? How we guarantee results?

The classes and coaching are built on results. Our coaching is time-tested to work. We use a step-by-step method.

Branding & copywriting

What is branding & why it's important

Branding is everywhere. Branding defines the visual characteristics of your brand. It defines what perception and visuality your customer will recognize you for.

We've incorporated theme branding into all the elements of your business from Business cards, logos, and flyer creations. Taking it a step further in your advertisement we mix professional copywriting to ensure your slogan, logo, and appearance are up to par.

Myths about branding

Myth #1- I Don't need a good logo, I'm a small business

Yes, you do! This is a myth. Your logo defines the elements of your business. As your business grows so does your brand power. Having brand power can create influence in conversation and consumer buying behavior.

Myth #2: I can do the branding myself

Yes, you can. However, an agency that manages this work can not only meet the deadlines but provide useful tips along the way. The team at toolegit2quit has saved business owners save thousands of dollars in branding and marketing issues. With knowledge in marketing and colors, you're at ease things will be professional and diverse to your needs.

Warranty and examples

Before we start any work we provide samples of the design elements and method of approach. You're backed by the all-ease guaranteed if you're not satisfied

Want to learn more? See services below!

Pro +

Our focus with Pro + is to extend our hands-on services, web designing, learning classes, and coaching giving you full exclusives to our programs. Our mission from the start is to give back to entrepreneurs.

For once in a lifetime we offer our premium services, quarterly services, profiles, and more for only $59 with a $10 initial one-time setup fee. Get full access to our site.

  • Plan and start a business course

  • Quarterly training

  • 30-50% off booking

  • extended booking time

  • website design savings/ website management savings

  • Exclusive memberships VIP

  • Access to all pages: communities, blogs, posts and updates

  • Priority Support

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