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Apple in the news ( brand, value & purpose )

Apple is seeing a huge dive in income at the start of 2024. While this isn't shocking news it is a wake-up call for all brands that may consider themselves cool and hip.

Apple has long been known as not necessarily the first but the coolest to do something.

The issue with this concept is that Apple constantly has to follow trends, often years old, and has to find innovative ways to make it appealing.

Being in the "cool" space attracts a lot of attention when it's a mystery, but when removing items well known that's when the cool effects wear off.

Hence, Apple might lose out on more branding power it once had because of the stigma that it's now known to repeat designs, copy platforms, and lower performance of older phones.

Without great innovative ideas & cutting-edge changes besides campaigns that lower the effects on the Planet, and a new M chip we will continue to see Apple falling behind.

However, let's face it, Apple is not out of the race,but the real question is have they ever been fairly in the race? What do you think?

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