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3 Important Checks For Your Webste!

An online business is highly dependent on your website. Let's look at how to keep your website active and up to par.


Update your footer:
Your footer is important. So many websites have Copyright from 2019 or 2017.
This makes your website look older than it should. Always update your footer yearly. It's an overlooked key to attention.

Check your number
Last month we had a number change, and it's surprising how many contents had our other number. It's important to keep this content active to avoid incorrect customer navigation.


The last thing that is overlooked is the analytics on your business navigations. How are your customers, website tabs, SEO, and load speed?

Load speed is very important for your customers. Some useful tips are using the same front, taking out poor-loading pictures, and having up-to-date apps.

SEO is the highlighted words that get you found on Google and other search engines.

These are some quick useful tips, want more?
Check out these services to assist.

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