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Price Fight: Why everything is expensive

The prices of eating out are on the rise again. This time with price surges that will increase based on consumer demand.

Internally we understand this dynamic of finding the right pricing from an entrepreneurship standpoint. The truth is, prices are on the rise in the United States for eating out.

Wendys is one prime example, introducing their action plan for price surge: using AI to determine when the restaurant is busy so the prices can go up.Expected late this year to early next.

Yes! gone are the expansive dollar menu and hello to shopping for the best deals.

While this method earns Wendy's money, it hurts the consumers in many ways:

Will other companies pursue the same?

How much will our pockets be impacted?


Eating out is too expensive, time have truly changes. Eat less out and more from home.

Work, life balance enables time to cook from home.


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