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Landing Page Tips That Works

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Are you planning to create a landing page soon? or want to create your own one page -signup, email gathering or booking format?

Creating a landing page is such an easy task but often many designers lacks the essential of what makes an astonishing landing page.

There are three main steps to a landing page- Call to action, propositions and form. Your call to action, propositions and forms are rooted around your headlines and media (Video or audio).

When you do create or want to optimize your landing page focus on your headlines.

Your headlines should alert your customers that they are viewing the right service or product. Next focus on adding value.

Your value begins to form when you present your propositions in a unique way. Try presenting a video, a section for testimonials and short text for highlighted features.

Accord to experts, you have a total of four seconds to convince users. In this short time span, present a call to action button that is both colorful and within view point on the loaded page.

Button tips:

The best colors to use for men are-Blue, green and black, and for women -blue, purple and green. Colors we like are: Orange, blue or yellow.

Lastly to create your form, try to ask for information you would need. Don't be shy to ask for user's name, email, and an option to subscribe to your newsletter. Your email campaign must be set before considering working with an online landing page.

Next to do: Create your one-page web design or start your email campaign optimization with us.

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