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Ralph Lauren Brand Growth Plan

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

With a vision you can excel further as an entrepreneur.

I often asked entrepreneurs to envision their success, what would it feel like to be successful?

In the video, Ralph Lauren had successfully painted a vision of integrity, honesty and a point of direction.

Ralph Lauren knew he wanted to be a millionaire and beyond at an early age. His focus and drive to change his name and keep the change is phenomenal.

The first step in any business is the impact of your brand.Brand- Name, style and reputation.

When you think about branding growth take these from Ralph Lauren:

✔ Study the bigger players in the industry

✔ Choose the right name.

✔ Show potential- Explain your core business values by telling your business story.

✔ Employ- Bring unique ideas on board to help in areas your business lacks.

✔ Expand-Your brand is like a root. Plant it and watch it grow by adding value, bonus, contents & designs.

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