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5 Essentials For Your Successful Business Cards

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Business cards are essential for growing your business.

Potential clients on the daily should be given your business cards, however many entrepreneurs lack the Intel on what they should have on their business cards.

Here is a list of 5 essentials things to have on your business cards:

1) Your role

Clients should not guess what you do. If a customer has to guess what you or your organization does then you don't have a solid business.

Put your self in your customer shoes, always.

What role do you think best resonate with your potential clients?

Tip- Don't choose a role to sound fancy. Choose roles that match with exactly what you do. Example- if you're a motivational speaker choose life coach as a role instead.

2) Choose vital colors

Have your colors and words match. Choose larger fonts for important key points such as Phone number, email, and name.

Your design should avoid basic color schemes such as black and white.

When you choose a business card, choose one that matches the mood of your organization.

Tip-When looking for colors for your business cards-

✔ Get inspired by looking through your favorite magazine. Take a glance at the ads on that cover. What color schemes do you observe capture your full attention?

3) Have a call to action

Your awesome business cards can be ineffective without a call to action.

Most times when companies hand us their business cards we place them down without knowing what to do with them. Does this happen to your business cards?

*Giving out your business cards and no callbacks, etc?

✔ The point is your business cards need to have a call to action.

What do you hope to accomplish by giving out your business cards?

There's a theme going around called - sell me this pen. I encourage you instead to sell me an action. What action must consumers take after receiving your cards besides recycling?

Tip- What's your call to action for your business cards?

4) Choose the right quotes

Example-John and Sara both have a successful business card. These two business cards are superior except for one thing! they each have the same quotes -

"The referral of your friends and family would be the greatest compliment you can give me"

Tip- Avoid industry quotes as they can become repetitive and overused. Focus instead of displaying originality and innovation.

5) Timing

we speak a lot about colors, coordination, and quotes yet to tie them all together is timing. Your business card cannot be successful without one thing- you. Without you, your business cards are useless.

Failure to distribute business cards will cause them to stick together or deteriorate.

You need to order the number of business cards you know you need to distribute. Don't have your business cards sitting at home collecting dust, go out there and get them distributed.

Want solid help with your business cards or business? take a learning course or book a business coach today!

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