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Chev Talks Finance

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The Money Game?

Debt and Riches. Winners and loser.

The money game is what we all play, those with

the most cars, resources and cash wins. The

game is not fair as many enter the board with

money already stored. The main players stay on

top and got richer so, how can a beginner player

win when they entered the game losing?

In any game, we must know the rules and a lot of

people lack a rule for money.

Why? because they haven’t made or stick to successful ones.

We look at money not from the bank account amount but from a mindset amount.

How much are you willing to pay for something,

to what extents do you put items back on the

shelf? How much is too much, how much is too


Using diagrams, we can sketch you your own

money rule book, a guide you can use to save,

accumulate passive income and better your

finance. Our premium membership offers this

unique feature.

"According to Pew Charitable Trusts 8 in 10 Americans are in debt (2015). "

The research is mostly because of mortgage and consumers

love-hate relationship with credit cards,

increased spending and lack of savings.

Without a money map it’s no wonder debt rule us.

It is not cool to look rich than to be broke, as

many pile in more numbers on their credit cards

than they can afford to pay back. Debt has

become a monster in many people lives and

others a joy. The one who are winning the game

will continue to win unless you change the way

you play.

How will this finance course help me?

Finance is what drives our lives and sometimes our actions. If we can improve your financial well being with a single diagram or podcast, then why not ?

The number one asset we can provide is our time to excel your financial wants and needs.A time to expand your knowledge as well as your understanding.

why should I use your program over others?

We understand how important finance is in your life. When we worked with business and entrepreneurs we often think of ways to make certain this individual have a strong grasp about leadership and cooperation with employees and often the word salary comes up a lot.

Our beliefs is good business can also have happy and likable employees who receives considerable pay. While others do not advocate this enough we take pride into employee satisfaction.

While we talk about issues wrong with the job field such as living wages and salary etc we also encourage a solution. Our hard work dives into realistic and creative ways to make money and deliver them to you.

"This post was taken from our ebook- Better person,if you would like to read this entire eBook for free please sign up for a free account here.

If you would like to start taking your course, click here to get started.

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