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5 Tips to improve your website homepage

Updated: Apr 18, 2020


Optimization is all about putting the right things in the right places.If you're new to creating a website there are a couple things you need to do.

The first is to create an outline.This outline will make the ground root into how your website will look. This plays a huge role into the functionality of your site for later.

Second is alignment (some web hosting sites provide this). The alignment is the measurement of size, weight and shadows of your text, buttons, title and subtitles.Make sure each and every item you place on your home page looks and operate the same on mobile and other devices and is fit for both screen.

Third is the theme.Similar to imagery a theme represent the proper image, background and color patterns on your site. To find the right theme is to think about the audience of your site.

Tips: Always keep buttons align.

Keep important items such as videos, sideshows or sales displays on the top area of your homepage.


When using imagery choose high resolution images.Many of the images you can search and purchase are from shutter stock and Pond 5 just to name a few.

Your homepage is the first impression, so make it capture the essence of your site. One unique thing about imagery is color coordination & back grounds. Choose color coordination's & backgrounds that harmonize with your website theme and purpose.

Tips: Background pictures should be chosen carefully.

Image is important but becomes a distraction if words and important topics can't be seen.

When working with readable back ground, if unsure choose a plain back ground for fewer distractions.


Navigation is the key to any successful website. It can become complicated.The formula for a successful navigation is to be obvious.

In example of housing:

A door is almost always in the front, and a pool if built is almost always in the back. Same with web navigation.

Tips: Don't over think navigation.


An About Us page can make or break a website. If visitors cannot tell who you are or what you do in a minute or less, chances are they will exit your site.The challenge arrives from how well you choose clarify your sites purpose.


Search engine optimizations are very important as well as a catchy title can help readers be interested.

Description breaks down to your writing style and who your readers are. Remember to write and project the readers language.

Expert tips: When ever you write a line or an important document do this exercise:

Face the wall and read your document while facing the wall listen. If anything sounds incorrect as you read and listen then rewrite.


Should you place ads on your homepage? This is subjective subject.

While a pop up ad can be annoying a continuous strand of ads can do the same damage.

One pet peeve many websites owners have is their viewers ability to leave their site without the ability to return. Email subscription has helped to solve such issues.

A quality ad is better than any repetitive ad. List your ad's with benefits toward consumers.

Tips: Timing ad's will increase conversion. A timed ad pop up makes scrolling and reading of a website easier.A timed ad is an ad that pops up after certain period of time a viewers spend on your site.

Sometimes the best ads don't pop up, they convert.

To see if your website is optimized for success visit our webdesign sections.

You will be directed to our website optimization booking page for a full over view of your site.

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