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Wework lessons on commercial investing downfalls

We had watched the unique company called Wework for years. For a period of time Wework was the fastest growing startup company at the time.

From the start however, we've noticed many issues with the concepts of Wework and it's many not listed in the video.We came to this conclusions with the understanding of growing start-up ourselves,

One main issue is with the concept of using money to make more money, in Weworks terms-Investment - with a quick valuation in a short period of time-In a regular online start-up it's using online ad platforms to invest money in hope of making more money.

There's a large confusion with the system of "Price". When received a large valuation such as Wework 47 billion, it becomes an issue of trying to earn ''enough'' to cover the massive attention and investment.

With enough pressure Wework began crushing under it's own weight.

To build nay business a company needs to focus on stability within the growth stage rather than quantity. A poor profit system duplicated will not bring in larger profits, rather a higher lost.

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