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Self Help: Early Morning Routines!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Waking up with a goal in mind will enhance your life.

This goal in the morning can be easy.

A simple goal to run every day is a positive and healthy habit.

How we set our mornings can impact our day. When you wake up are you energetic, awake and ready to start our day?

Remember when we were kids we always wanted to run, and move around.Growing at first to cry and run and fuss away at our problems. Some of us grew to still run away from our problems as adults however and could not accomplish it

we try so hard to run but as soon as we escape, we're was right back.

This was a constant problem we saw in our life as well as in others.

Running to get away. As time progress instead of running or walking to avoid our problems, let's use the time to explore them.

People will think you're crazy if you talk to yourself, not me.

Its natural and refreshing.

I talked and worked out strategies in my head to plot my next move to solve my problems.

While learning to explore the outdoors, I got more active, got more social and develop a more active lifestyle.

Along the way I saw the world in action,and began appreciating the simple things.

Feeling not one slightest problem of my active body as I dodge the burning sun was enough for me to go back inside my house, focus and open my mind to face any problems at hand.

Your day starts off in the morning, you choose how to start Being cleared minded and healthy start of in the morning.

Some really cool things you can do in the morning are:

stretch- some nights sleep are not as comfortable as you think.

color - relax your mind with some coloring and small activity to get brain up and going.

write- Journal a positive note to yourself.

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