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7 financial pitfalls to avoid

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Money rules are hard to follow, such as: Spending less than you earn, saving for the future, and many other common financial rules.

It takes practice and patience to grab the remote and control our finances. But we are in control of our money. Before the new year starts here are a few new rules to follow this year.

Invest more than you spend

Sounds contradictory?

well, it's not. The truth is more money doesn't always equal more happiness. It's true money doesn't sleep but we as humans do. To make money work for you: #1- learn how to wisely invest in yourself.

Your biggest investments would be your knowledge as well as your time. Making time and skills (Education) work for you which can bring you greater income in the long run.

Your goal is to invest in one fear you have about money and invest in changing that negative belief.

The free investment you can make in yourself is improving your resume, looking over new trends in your field, and working on your fear of money.

Always remember: Thinking is free.

Test before you move

One big rule about self-investment is knowing the benefits you can create in your life. Learning the risks and rewards can play a huge role in investing as well as your personal life.

In life you get chances, so take them. Think of the change you will create and undo to improve your financial life. Think of the benefits, risks, and rewards.

Make your coffee

Surprisingly college students drink lots of coffee but according to statistics* the older you get the more coffee individuals can drink. While buying coffee can lower your income, buying coffee once a day won't stop you from getting rich.

Making your own helps build your creativity, independence, and your knowledge to do without.

Travel to pursue your dream

At some points, you have used up all the resources in your area or region.

Traveling to pursue a dream is something a lot of today's individuals need to do to improve their success.

The fact is the world is big and your mind shouldn't think in one spot, surround yourself with new visions, images, and personals.

Meet your role model if can

If you have a role model, why not try to meet them if you can? This can help you peek at financial opportunists as well. Where is the money in the field your role model has? What influences have they acquired?

Sometimes money isn't the only thing you can bend on for riches but influences. Influences can help impact and open more doors and opportunities in your life, leading to more money down the road.

Use the 47 lists (L.I.P Method)

This list can be downloaded in your free library-Sign up today for free. Not knowing your passion can lower your chances for success. Avoid this with a simple list we have created.

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The 47 list helps you define your vision, likes, passion, and interests.


Taking time to network can increase your efficiency as well as your income. Connection is key, and it can open doors to your desired outcomes. Using the 47 lists can help you organize your passion and bring out your true self. Networking is a must-do for any business, formal or informal arrangements. The last pitfall to avoid is straying away from the importance of networking.

*Stats- Coffee drinkers.

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