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5 Ways To be More Professional

In a world of constant judgmental views, a single out of tone can lead even a Fortune 500 business in distress. Here are five ways you can become more professional as a business owner or freelancer.

Become a leader

People look for you to lead not follow. Adopt the concept of working and getting the job done using other. I stress the emphasis on customers doing 50% of the work and you and your team doing the rest.

Become a leader and others will allow you to take the lead.


Business people do not cancel important meetings, miss opportunities or fail to show. Real business people reschedule. If the opportunity to be a step ahead arrives take the opportunity.

Dress for success

The new term is no longer dress for success but to prepare, arrive, and claim success.

prepare- Focus on your goals and mission before tackling the problem. Learn to see alternative solutions.

Arrive- Upon arriving companies like Mcdonald's allow managers to do a "travel path". A travel path is checking your area before starting your shift.Making sure you have all your tools ready for a success. This limits unwanted surprises.

Claim success- Have discipline to follow your own schedule that you set towards prosperity. Do more of what works and learn from mistakes.

Learn customer appreciation

Take yourself out of your own shoes, and see the world from your clients point of view. Which means, listen more, smile more, and engage your wants and needs after they express theirs.

Selling is easier when individuals can relate to you.Customer service is not easy, but practice makes perfect.

Keep the tone

keep the tone means staying on beat.

In music missing one note is understandable but imagine an entire band missing one note. In a small business, your impact can be large or small but Always keep up with your promises, image and theme of your business in a positive way.

When a musician is out of tune, he or she has to get tune in order to play along with other musicians, to contribute successfully. Find ways to tune your mood to be more positive.

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