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The issue with brand and prices

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The Dollar tree prices have increased.

Let's face it! Raising cost has been an issue since before 2020 and has gotten even worse since then. While the chain ( Dollar tree ) has been staying true to its prices since the world wars ( $1.00 ) It's hard to back off the fence without saying:

"we could be earning more"

This news can be shocking to some people, but to others, it was a long time coming- more on this later.

Every day It seems that branding and value are at war again. We can recall in recent years when Walmart was called out for: Not always low prices in 2007.

Looking back at the system: The Dollar Tree's main goal was everything to be sold for a dollar. This strategy might have worked long ago when the inflation of the dollar was not as high, however, we can see the vast contrast from then now.

Long time coming

Remember when we had stated this was a long time coming.

It's been happening all around us, vending, gas, electronics, and merchandising prices has been on the increase at all time.

The problem with value and branding is that the two are program years along in consumers' minds. For example, Ice cream cones are supposed to be cheaper than ______. The world we see is constantly changing or has changed. There are new rules to business and its survival, no longer are companies obliged to stay true to their foundation values. This can be a good thing or extremely bad.

Pricing has always been a topic of debate when you live in a constantly fast-changing environment. Companies have to produce more and faster. Often times pressured to change and adapt. This change and adaptation isn't always a matter of consumer happiness but a form of survival.

If your brand can make money with a change then do it, but keep in mind that consumers will either lower their trust or not conduct business.

Some brand changes that complicate things are:

Brand slogans that focus on prices, promises, and time.

Prices will always increase, as a business owner your job is to stay ahead.

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