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5 things to improve your teamwork

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

keeping team efficiency

You have taken the time out to create your unique team. These are the people that will help you reach your companies vision.

As you help them on board you notice they are smiling and excited about starting in your group.

Their work efforts are always on the up-rise, they listen, focus and correct their mistakes.

After a few month you realize that your team efficiency and smiles have disappeared.

What happen?

This is a common issue many business owners have, and we think these 5 things can help get your team mate back on track.

Where lies their loyalty ?

Looking back on previous experience is one way to figure out teammates loyalty towards improving.Find out what needs to be improved and help them maneuver there with the right approach.

1.Delegate the plan

Let the members know what they will be doing. Your plan will be a full layout of what goals needs to be accomplished.The worst thing you can do is train a team member or give feedback without explaining how the improvement will help the organization.

2.Give better feedback's

Along with feedback's let members know that their performance can be improved. Sometimes mangers might yell, get angry and annoyed. The goal is not to.

Word out your feedback before giving them.

What are effective feedback's?

-Reviewing materials performing correct & incorrectly.

Tips-Instead of using feed backs verbally find ways to perform an action step for your group.More on this in number 4.

3.Teach a new skill

The best way to get someone to achieve goals faster is by leading by example.Some people won't believe it's possible until they have seen an example or demonstration.


Teach new skills base on the members involve in the group. Figure out unique skills that should be more practiced by members.

4. Encourage the one step ahead approach

Boosting efficiency is limiting time and energy needed to perform a single task or objective. A smart way to boost employees or team member mindset is allowing them the freedom to think one step ahead.


Thinking one step ahead forecast actions steps for the future. As a business leader it is your job to encourage this behavior as well as teach it.

5. Build talents

Build your talents. A leader must know some basic of coaching. Making a team efficient takes time and energy. Here's a run down of what a trainer, mentor and coach do:

A trainer- Build skills

A mentor- Teach skills

A coach - Teach and build skills.

Want to improve your leadership skills? Get more in dept coaching or private bookings on our shop page.

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