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Arie Nelson

Business Advisor 


Hi team, I am Arie.

I am the Co-Founder and business leader in which I have forecast the early development of the too legit coaching. As a business advisor, I contribute to consumer needs by matching our business with their success.

P & P Formula

Find your Passion & Earn Profits

Chev Green & Stephanie Símòn

Chev and Stephanie are advocate business visionaries with new insights for generational wisdom. Stephanie Simon is a Fashion Model and Chev Green a business consultant, combined their dynamic views to an exciting podcast.

Powerful lessons

Power Breakthrough includes 7 total course books and over 5 hours of audio.

Worth every Penny

Each course comes with an interactive coach. Having our coaching, sometimes CEO helping you with your course materials can mean the difference between success as a real entrepreneur and another statistic.

Our coaches are dedicated, license and well rounded.

It's crucial for you as an entrepreneur or professional to see results and that is what you're purchasing. Our promise is to work hard on delivering results by pushing your goals and dreams forward, making every penny invested worth it.

Chev Green

Hey there, I’m Chev and I help professionals discover their truest potential. I’ve spent three years developing the power course for professionals.

Stephanie Simon

Hi, my name is Stephanie Símòn as a Fashion Model & COO confidence is vital. I will help you gain the momentum and style for your future accomplishments.

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