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Chev Green

Ceo-Business consultant

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"Privileged to work with chev, he is dedicated as well as informational about helping others succeed."

I improved

"Taking Chev course has boost my understanding of my passion and well being; he trulyhelps people unlock their full potential"

Toolegit2quit is an excellent website that keeps individuals business, personal and financial performance on the right track with over 40 services and tools to help the aspiring entrepreneur.


Offering direct consulting to help you achieve in business, personal or financing. Our booking service includes private lessons, seminar bookings, live speech, courses, and libraries.


I believe we have the tools and services for professionals who want to master & learn exclusive new life or business strategies and techniques to grow, maintain or improve their objectives.


With over seven years of experience, I trust that we can provide you with useful business tools you need to improve your brand, your mindset, and business.

Business Blueprint
We believe the entrepreneur spirit is the start of a journey to success. It’s what fuel us to keep going and stay strong! As entrepreneurs, we set out to accomplish our goals but often met with many challenges.
​Some challenges include the shyness to overcome our fear of public speaking, to tackle our do list and to raise income.
Many of you might be Sole-proprietor or a small business, whomever you are the number one challenge a professional face today is attracting customers,
but how can you attract customers without fixing your business?
Remember it’s never the customer that’s broken it’s your business that is. It's time to learn new proven strategies that will outsmart your competition and at the same time get your business off the ground.
Toolegit2quit offers over 40 different services and techniques to improve your business and your life.
Experience A Plan.


If you ever feel the need to receive a little help, then perhaps we can help you. Our goal is to cut the chase so we can increase our turn around time by starting you from exactly where you are. We don't care if you're a rookie or a veteran, if your business is large or small we will work with you to formulate a plan with your end goal in mind.

If you can handle a few days or months of interactive training or booking us to handle, create or analyze projects then we might be a perfect match.

Our goal is to help. Toolegit2quit is built on the mission to improve your life, with new proven formulas and action steps. Since 2014 we have been committed to helping startup entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals alike sustain and build their own structure for success. 
Business planning is a pleasure!

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