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Chev Green

Ceo-Business consultant

My journey starts off like you wouldn't believe, I was broke, lost and frustrated at the age of 20.

After leaving my job as a fast-food restaurant cook, I was back again - no money or direction. It was 1 o clock in the morning and my ex-boss was yelling at me.

He was telling me how much I mean to the company and listing reason of why I should stay; I couldn't.

On the longest drive home, I thought there has to be an easier way to live, take care of my loved ones and to prosper. 

That's when I started toolegit2quit. There was nothing to lose, I thought. Why not help entrepreneurs succeed?

Having the ambition to help & win in life

Becoming an entrepreneur has open the doors for me to help individuals succeed further than what they thought possible. I coach, teach, & believe in the strengths of being a smarter, stronger, & better you. My goal is to help 

entrepreneurs succeed from home or online.

Winners never quit


Quitters never win

Thank ful

"Privileged to work with chev, he is dedicated as well as informational about helping others succeed."

I improved

"Taking Chev course has boost my understanding of my passion and well being; he trulyhelps people unlock their full potential"

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