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  • 30 min
  • Toolegit2quit Online Service

Service Description

Location: Miami, south Florida. Hi, My name is Chev Green CEO of toolegit2quit, I'll be working on your website personally, I'm local here in south Florida and am dedicated to helping you succeed. I'm a certified web partner designing for local surgery, real estate, doctors, fashion designers, and news company websites. My version of a great site is 3 things: Vision, functionality, and purpose. My team and I will work with you on these 3 elements. Vision is what you really want your site to look like. We believe we can actually create a site you will love. Functionality is key, all of our websites are built around you and your customer needs. We not only showcase ways to reach more customers with built-in softwares. Purpose is never forgotten, each website is built with the utmost alignment to your website goal of saving you money, reaching more clients, and having a website you will love. Providing you a brand consultation to help you as your site is being made! Styles: elegant, professional, & luxury designs. Perks: 50% savings from web hosting, $300 ad voucher, full SEO steps, 7 days money back guaranteed, no hidden fees, price starting at $380. ✔ E-commerce, sales & membership approved designs ✔ Exclusive HD pictures, galleries & service pages ✔ Pop-up subscription email captures ✔ Up to 7 fully beautiful edited pages ✔ 30 minutes website consultation ✔ Social Media connection strategies ✔ Quick turnaround time ✔ 2 Revision ✔ VIP customer service ✔ Built for professionals ✔ Mobile friendly ✔ Website back end training with video ✔ Build customized sites ✔ Compliance and upgraded sites & redesign ✔ 1-7 pages- ✔Responsive design-✔ Email Subscription-✔ Landing page ✔ Favicon design-✔-Marketing apps-✔ E-commerce-✔ SEO keywords-✔ Social media + 2 revisions. ✔ Mobile-friendly for social media. Back by All Ease Guaranteed - 7 days money-back guarantee. Work along with our team on creating the best website possible for you. Perfect for E-commerce, personal, podcast, blog, business, and membership sites. Get a website you will love. Talk to our designer free! All conversations are customized for your website! Professionals in business planning, web design, and branding. Interested? Book a time now! Chev green -CEO, Toolegit2quit

Cancellation Policy

7 Days Money Back for website designs, Unless otherwise stated. Cancellation of service charge is cancellation five hours before time set.

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We will guide and create a website you will love!

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