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Business Consulting

  • 45 minutes
  • 100 US dollars
  • Phone & Email support

Service Description

You have a unique business idea that keeps pounding you to give a go.You have the idea did a couple graphs and began a long drawn out task into writing a 20 page business plan. Wrong! In fact this method has been around for years and the results speaks closer to 8 out of 10 business fail using this method *according to Forbes* . The reason they fail begins actually before the money, it starts with the improper idea of what starting up a business really Intel. Our business consulting is geared toward an entrepreneur who believes in the easier, faster and better and want to understand the life blood of a successful business culture. Our 5 step power coaching takes you from start up to operation. This personalize consulting is our best yet. The 5 stages are business plan, financial plan, technical plan,marketing plan, and sales plan. The good news are this is easy to learn and easy to apply, say good bye to 20 pages of business plans and hello to business success. Complete our helpful form : B2B solution After completed, book this service to begin. Email Support Phone Support Consultation Hours Profile Builder Follow ups

Cancellation Policy

7 Days Money Back for website designs, Unless otherwise stated. Cancellation of service charge is cancellation five hours before time set.

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From Idea to startup

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