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(VIP) Branding Success Pro+ Pricing Plan

  • 2 hr
  • Email support/Phone Support

Service Description

This is a multi- service bookings please read over: Website: A good impression is the first thing you want your customer to get when they visit your site for the first time, it is that aha! moment that shall excite them to come back.Our service includes a Pro+ Two days website evaluation. Our 3 step evaluation is simple. 1.Testing Day one- for the original design (The one you have now) we provide essential feedback's with up to 8 different sections of testing. Some testing focuses on- Security, navigation, contrast and white balance,link functionality, loading speed and more.( Up to 8 important factors) 2. We will send your results to your designated email suggesting to make following changes and why. 3. Book a follow up date. Day two- follow up. After making changes we will answer some of the challenge questions you may have. Online Branding: We can customize your marketing plan, increase social followings and prepare you for personal, and company branding. This service includes the BRANDME TOOLEGIT' platform found under You may customize your budget there or book this service for the full website optimization as well as the full personal branding and marketing optimization. This booking focus in dept on marketing as well as branding. This booking is using the time and coaching members of our team. We will bring expertise and hands on strategies to tackle and improve your brand exposure. Price may vary base on needs.

Cancellation Policy

7 Days Money Back for website designs, Unless otherwise stated. Cancellation of service charge is cancellation five hours before time set.

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