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Meet The Team

Welcome to the team. Here's an introduction to let you know a little more about who we are and what we do.

Chev Green

Founder, Author, and Mentor

Chev Green is a business consultant who has been connecting with popular moguls for years. He is the CEO of toolegit2quit a website created to help individuals start and grow professionally step by step.

As a multi-business owner, he helps individuals soar and overcome professional and social obstacles in business, personal finances, and leadership.

His main focus is to provide an instructional service to empower business professionals and like-minded individuals to create their dreams.


 Marketing Degree

Business Pitch Finalist

Business Operations 

Business Specialist

Business Coaching Cert.

Business Plan Certficate.

Stephanie Símòn

 Fashion Model, Fashion Stylist, and COO


Stephanie Símòn is a Fashion Stylist, Fashion Model and social media influencer with over nine years of experience. Starting out as terrific talent in performance art and creative works, Stephanie has taken the role as COO and Brand specialist.

As a new boss, she has hosted and taught talents to Fashion models, athletes and marketing evangelists about styling and branding.

Daquon Leggett

Chief Marketing Officer


Daquon is our four years CMO and the first investor in the Toolegit2quit production, with over four-plus years as a social media manager working his way from our head coach in 2016.

With a sharp future and branding experience, Daquon is also our customer interaction specialist for offline and online relations.


Chev Green




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