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Automation In Business ( Challenges )

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Imagine going to your favorite grocery store to check out.On arrival you was greeted with a good morning and a smile,the cashier told you to load up and within a few minutes you're on your way.

Then, imagine a week later you arrive only to be greeted with a bulky machine with a sign reading self checkout. You looked around to find that you are bagging, ringing and handling your own groceries.

How? In fact your grocery store isn't the only one letting you perform self service, companies such as McDonald's,Walmart,Movie Theaters, Air ports just to name a few welcomes selfservice.

While we do agree customers should perform and help choosing their needed transactions-Self service or modern customer service. In today's world we must ask, is self service becoming a deeper problem?

-A loss of employment due to an increase in technology/kiosk.

-An impersonal way to shop, enjoy and perform task.

-An anti social change in customer service.

When we define customer service we use to talk about smiles,kindness, support and social interaction. When we do self checkout are we really getting a good service? Is the firm really giving us their service?

In today's time automatic means getting things quicker and with less effort. When technology interfere with service we do see a direct effort by companies to change consumer behaviors.

Such extreme examples are self driving cars, ordering vehicles online, using kiosk at airports, self checkouts and more. The idea of technology is to make life easier but how independent are we becoming on technology and responsibilities to do it ourselves?

The question is do we need it? Who does it benefit?

Below is a video from market place on the impact on self service,growth and the future of customer service.

Self -Checkout/Self Service

The good:innovative. The Bad: Hard to understand

The ugly:Do we need it?

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