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5 ways to get extra money now.

Is making money really that hard? here's some tips to get you on track to earn you a few extra bucks.

At work

The last thing you need to worry about is working super hard for money when you need it. Free your mind. Making money is all about giving your brain room to relax, breathe and be imaginative.

Do yourself a favor and request a paid vacation but let the boss know you can work extra since you are about to take up vacation days. After you work your extra days, breathe relax and make due of your vacation.


Use that extra vacation time to search your house. What are you looking for? Assets. If you need money right away turn some of the items collecting dust into assets.

If you have diamonds, any large purchases, bags, - any recent purchase return them if needed. Get those unused products out of sight.


If you can't get people to purchase your asset, turn towards stores. You can receive small cash for old games, phones, furniture, old textbooks, and more. Find the resource you need and amplify it.

Banks and cashback.


Some banks offer cashback. Check your statement and check your online account. Many people have money laying around.

Be creative.

Remember at the beginning I told you making money is all about getting your brain to be free, and creative?

It's time to use your talents if all else fails. Your talent can take you far, even with average talents.

creative ways:

Host a bingo night.

Host a party- 5 dollars per entry.

Sell a unique artwork to neighbors.

Put your mind to work, how can you make extra cash? not just for now but for later. While these are quick, fun, and easy ways to get extra cash we can guarantee you that sometimes making money is about following a process and developing a mindset. Any more ideas?

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