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Pro + Class :Leadership Effectiveness Training

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Being a leader is more than having a team. Being a leader is about knowing oneself and cultivating the ability to make quick decisions with positive impacts. A leader is often chosen, tested, and pushed beyond the average teammate. With so much information on leadership, we aim to break down some of the essentials of powerful leadership. Not with a sense of power to dominate, but to grow people into leaders themselves. Leadership skills are essential to learning. A leader can make or break a great organization, idea, relationship, and outcome. Let's look at leadership for entrepreneurs, managers, brokers, and field leaders in a new perspective and take on the task of reproducing positive results. As the world changes within industries this course will test the changes of time to teach you essentials in your leadership future. This class includes access to ebooks, Auido, and discounted coaching. Additional training and materials will be added. Badge is awarded.

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